OLEDB vs RTQP: Quantum Leap?

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The other day I posted about the significant performance difference between SQL DAS (OLEDB) vs SQL DAS (RTQP). I see many older client solutions are based on SQL DAS (OLEDB) where query performance is an issue. It’s due to the client side query processing architecture and highly normalized associated schema. If you are facing a similar issue, I’d highly recommend you to use RTQP based SQL DAS instead. Yes, RTQP based SQL DAS doesn’t have direct access to PI DA as it uses AF SDK instead of PI SDK. This presents challenges to query archives directly. But we implemented solutions for different clients using centralized tag inventory to bypass that constraint.

People talk about different data lake solutions. But when it comes to performance, nothing comes close to PI DA system in my experience. And PSA tools like SQL DAS (RTQP) will definitely encourage more enterprises to adopt PI as their main source of enterprise data. Very happy with this awesome PSA tool from OSIsoft.

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