OSIsoft/Aveva PI on Edge

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I am going through edge offerings from different vendors now a days and increasingly realizing that edge IS future. cloud is THE future but cloud will need a big lift from edge in the industries. The existing and near term infrastructure is just a tad weak to bring everything to cloud in real time and leverage full benefit of AI/ML. Reason why I am extremely excited to see the Edge Data Store (EDS) and Cloud Service (OCS) offerings from OSIsoft.

My only minor gripe is, EDS or OCS are not available to try out of the box using the developer license‚Ķ. These are relatively new products and I believe, enterprise architects and systems integrators could take an important part to help industries adopt these. Which in turn would have helped OSIsoft. Anyways, I am excited to see how these play out in future. AF was a game changer for OSIsoft, I’m sure EDS/OCS will be the same for AVEVA.

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