BI on OT Data

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Integrating streaming OT data into enterprise-wide BI reporting system brings tremendous value. But there are many unique challenges to implement this e.g., security considerations, on-prem hosting requirement, data resolution etc. Hence the solutions are also unique. Sharing one such reporting solution that I architected in the past. Here the requirement was to keep OT data on-prem and host OT reports that consume those data on-prem as well. Additionally, the client wanted to host some dashboards on the cloud that utilizes KPIs based insights calculated on the OT data. I utilized on-prem report server and cloud-based report service to comply those requirements. Here OT data didn’t leave local server while KPI data-based insights were developed on the cloud. Such BI solutions can be particularly useful for enterprises with sensitive/regulated data. Sharing this so you can overcome challenges on the way to data democracy as well.

Want to utilize such solution at your workplace but got questions? Feel free to let me know. I am a big a proponent of data democracy and love to discuss/share ideas with anyone on the same boat.

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