Introducing IIoT-Ops

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From my past working experience, I found that siloed data, stakeholders, workgroups and customers are the main barrier towards implementing a proper IIoT solution. I think a combinational change of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools is needed to address this situation. Keeping that in mind, architecting IIoT solutions with an IIoT-Ops approach makes more sense that increases an organization’s ability to deliver IIoT solutions and services at high velocity: evolving and improving end products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional solution development and infrastructure management processes.

I am excited to preach this IIoT-Ops approach and reserved both www.IIoTOps.com and www.IIoT-Ops.com for this purpose. This is just a personal initiative and hopefully I will be able to contribute to the community and industry through this platform in the coming years. 

Want to share your ideas? DM me for an invite to post on the platform. 

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