War on One of the Most Important Frontier – Edge!

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Few months back, I posted about the edge offerings from different vendors. I also mentioned at that time that I was very excited about the prospect of edge. We all know that cloud is THE future but cloud will need a big lift from edge in the industries. The existing and near term infrastructure is just a tad weak to bring everything to cloud in real time and leverage full benefit of AI/ML. Reason why, I am always excited to see new Edge offerings and the launch of AWS IoT SiteWise Edge was no exception. This is a significant step all by itself but there’s another big news behind the scene. IoT SiteWise Edge capabilities are offered through packs. And the ‘Data Collection Pack’ that enables data collection from OPC-UA, Modbus and EtherNet/IP to S3, IoT SiteWise, IoT Core etc., is FREE! That is very very aggressive and I am very curious see how competitions respond!

Edge war IS ON!

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