Alarm & Notification Management (ANM) Implementation on MES Layer

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Sharing an interesting solution I developed recently. Every plant uses Industrial Alarm and Notification Management (ANM) applications. But these applications usually lacks the capability of running Alarms against complex logic. To resolve this issue, I used an ANM application on the front end (TopView from Exele Information Systems, Inc.) while complex decision engine is built on OSIsoft’s PI AF at the back-end. Integration is done via PI SDK. Alarm flood and boundary management is implemented on the backend so that you can use a simple and inexpensive front end ANM application. This also enables controlled access to selected alarm management in the MES layer which was unthinkable before. Can you imagine the possibilities here? I talked to a few PCN engineers on this and received very positive feedback. So expecting this to bring tremendous value in the field of complex alarm management and I am stoked to present this to potential clients.

I am just scratching the surface of complex alarm management and I will post a lot more on this in the coming days. Can you tell that I am so excited about all the opportunities around?

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