SQL DAS Backend Based Unified BI Server for Multiple OT Servers

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I made a post couple days back on a solution I recently implemented where I integrated data from 8 different OSIsoft PI/AF servers into a single Power BI report. This solution eliminated manual repetitive work by putting an automated enterprise wide reporting system in place. Three of you reached out to me about technical details of this solution. So here it is! This is the architecture I used. But it can be implemented using few other structures. To give you a better idea about how powerful these developer technologies are, I will share two other architectures to implement the same solution that I can think of. Hope these will be helpful to all my fellow PI admins and developers.

Why I share these? The power of developer technologies always fascinates me. Solution architects can do things nowadays that were unthinkable before. But sadly, many stakeholders are not fully utilizing all these benefits and it’s our job to enlighten them about the immense possibilities. This in turn will take the entire industry and us forward. Let’s go!

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